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Weekly Family Singing Night

Weekly Family  Singing Night
Weekly Family Singing Night
Does your family sing together at least once a week?

Holding a weekly family singing night has many benefits.

A stronger family bonding occurs when each family member comes together at least once every week to sing especially when they make it a top priority in their activity schedules.

Creating songs together can also allow some families to become very good at it, when they set aside a portion of the time of their weekly family singing night for song creation and week after week, month after month and year after year each family member maintains consistent participation.

I will be adding more content in the future describing weekly family singing night and will post videos with popular songs and lyrics that you can sing every week. I have been working at maintaining my singing every week for years. Even if you are a single person you can still have your own family singing night by singing with God and Gurus.

Your family singing night could include setting aside 2 hours and for the first 1 to 1 &1/2 hours, singing songs from other musicians such as Beatles songs, Paul McCartney, George Harrison or other musicians including devotee musicians and in the last 1/2 to one hour, learning how to create your own songs, which could include topics related to Divine Love, Success Quality Development and providing solutions to problems.

In this way we can also contribute towards making our planet a better place when there are many families working to develop quality songs together every week.

Come back weekly and sing along with the songs below. I will be cleaning the list of videos below to include only those with lyrics in the future.

Wishing You Many Happy Weekly Family Singing Nights!
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