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Chee Ammen – Naturally Acoustic – Sales of Guitar – Mandolin – Ukulele

We started our collection along time ago, but it started growing in 2009, very organically. Friends started asking us to find or sell instruments for them. Now going into our seventh year, it sure has been enjoyable, especially meeting so many great folks and very talented musicians! It continues be an honor to us! In …

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George Harrison – Singer Songwriter Guitarist – Beatles

Born on February 25, 1943, in Liverpool, England, George Harrison formed a band with schoolmates to play clubs around Liverpool and in Hamburg, Germany. The Beatles became the biggest rock band in the world, and Harrison’s diverse musical interests took them in many directions.

Fontaine Laing – Piano

Fontaine has played piano for years at Encinitas Temple events and is also a regular organist at church services. Description: Fontaine Laing , piano, received the Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Texas and the Master of Music degree from the University of Michigan. She studied piano with M. Pressler, E. Bossart and …

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Global SRF Members Apartment Match – Facebook

This group has been created to allow SRF Members throughout the world to help each other find a good apartment or house that you would like to rent, purchase, share or exchange