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The Marriage Foundation

The Marriage Foundation
The Marriage Foundation
Family development education.

Divorce is an unnecessary catastrophe. It typically follows an unhappy marriage of two people who simply did not know what to do.

The Marriage Foundation was formed as a nonprofit to spread the solution for suffering causing divorces.

Our solution is dramatically more effective than therapy or counseling. We teach individuals and couples the scientific principles of marriage, along with definite methods for overcoming the obstacles which stand between you and a happily successful marriage.

Here is a excerpt from the Marriage Foundation website....

3 Essentials To Find Your Soul Mate

Too many people rely on chance when it comes to defining and finding their life long soulmate. They erroneously think the spouse of their dreams will either show up, they will have to settle, or they may not get married.

What happened to “God helps those who help themselves”? Why should we just accept what comes, or does not come, our way in the most important aspect of our lives.

Its crazy to marry the first person who will have us. And its just as crazy to wait until the yea or nay choice is right in front of us. You have the power to choose the nature and characteristics of who you marry well in advance of meeting them.

Finding Your soul mate and marriage are scientific. Just as airplanes fly because of applied aerodynamics, and nothing in the world happens just “by chance”, so your relationships and marriage are defined by cause and effect principles. The unseen laws of attraction and repulsion are just as reliable as the unseen laws of gravity.

We live in a world of cause and effect ‘laws’. Using scientific methods is the best way to find your soulmate. Much better than sitting around, waiting.

I have boiled down 3 essentials to help you find your soul mate. These are things you can and should actually do.

1st Essential to Find Your Soul Mate

Understand Marriage – Be as clear about what marriage is; and isn’t as possible. Before you find your soul mate it is essential to understand enough about marriage so you know what you are getting into.

What kind of relationship is it? How is it different from other relationships? What can I expect? What should I not expect? What obligations are there? What should I expect from my spouse?

Not all marriages are the same. But like individuals where everyone is generally defined the same way, each one is still unique.

You need to understand marriage in general, then define your own vision of marriage before you start collecting applications from prospective partners; it’s an essential first step to find your soulmate.

2nd Essential to Find Your Soul Mate

Define Your Soulmate – some failed marriages, not as many as people think, stem from incompatibility. But to eliminate the possibility of incompatibilities creating dilemmas in your future marriage it is essential to clearly define the qualities you expect from your soulmate that will insure a great match.

Generally people are afraid to create a clear image of their future soul mate. They think they will never find the “one” if they are too particular. Or they are afraid they are preempting God, by asking for a mate that meets their desires. Don’t let fear drive you!

Use all the tools God has given you; from wisdom to discernment, and from faith to practical effort.

3rd Essential to Find Your Soul mate

Learn About love – The world’s definitions of love are generally shallow and disjointed. Too many people ignore the most important principles that affect Holy matrimony; the spiritual principles of unconditional love.

Before you try to find your soul mate it is essential you know enough about love to avoid the emotional pseudo, or false, loves that too uninformed folks fall for. When you understand love you will realize it’s the very basis of healthy marriages.

Your goal is obvious; to have a lifetime secure marriage that brings ever expanding happiness. Just because most people are floundering in their marriages does not mean yours cannot be as designed; the greatest relationship of your life.

Marriage is literally designed to bring happiness and security to the couples who take it seriously enough to study it. So start out on the right path in the right way. Learn to find your soul mate as the first step towards your own marriage of love, harmony and connection.

Check out more details about these family happiness creating courses at the links below and also you will find a variety of The Marriage Foundation videos listed in the Swamis World SRF Members Business Directory Video Library


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