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Maynard Evans – Musician – Singer – Guitar

Maynard Evans – Musician – Singer – Guitar
Maynard Evans – Musician – Singer – Guitar
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Maynard has been a musician since the 1960's and is currently a member of a band called Radiance.

My music career began with piano lessons from age 12 to 18.  I then first began my adventure with performing and took up playing my main instrument, the electric bass guitar.  I played in a local band in Austin, Texas from 1964-66, when I entered military service with the U.S. Navy, stationed in Charleston, South Carolina

While in the navy I met fellow musicians from New York and we started a band on board the USS Bordelon.   While assigned to this ship we played performances in France, Turkey, Greece, Crete, and once for re-fueling at sea.   After discharge from the Navy in 1968, I left for New York with my guitar, a 1948 Buick and $50 in my pocket, where I met up with my friends from the Navy and lived in New York for 8 years.

While in New York, I played with several groups, mostly club bands, but 2 original music bands in the Rock and Roll venue. It was during this time I began to experiment with songwriting and learned to play the acoustic guitar. In 1975 I grew tired of the New York scene, winters and the music scene, and left with my future wife for San Diego California, where we settled in the Encinitas area.

Soon afterward, I met and began playing concert performances with a local spiritual music group called Anahata.   When that group split up I continued to be involved with music, performing with a duo called "Radiance" and forming a local band called Blue Field Star, as well as occasional formations with former Anahata member, Timarris McDowell.

Over the years since that time, I have continued to perform in a number of venues including individual performances of my own original music. I have continued to learn and now include bamboo flute, native American flute, harmonica, harmonium, percussion,  didgeredoo, electric guitar and vocals in my repertoire. I have produced three C.D.’s of my original music and am currently playing in a music and sound healing performance group, called “The Journey”,  formed a new collaboration with T.K. Plummer and Tim Dowd, called ‘RADIANCE” and pursuing opportunities for individual performances of my original music and C.D. sales.

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Maynard Evans

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