Oct 06

Instant Pay Bizopp – Four Corners Alliance

Four-Corners-1Four Corners Alliance has a feature that all Instant Pay opportunities should include and that is where the payment for each new level upgrade is paid automatically from commissions. This makes it simple for members as they do not have to manually upgrade at each level and as a result cannot lose commissions if downline decide to upgrade at lower levels before they do.

The cost is just a one time out of pocket $18. There are 6 upgrade levels in the 4x6 matrix to receive instant income and an additional 4x7 matrix monthly payplan. Watch the video below to see how lucrative the 100% matching sponsor bonuses can be!! Thats a 100% matching check on your personally sponsored members! As an example, If they receive a $60 4th upgrade level payment...you as their sponsor also receive a $60 payment and there are 64 4th level members in the 4x6 matrix! Then multiply this by however many new members you can sponsor....10,20 or more!!

A new financial education product is offered at each upgrade level and the monthly cost provides you with a financial education newsletter. Watch the video below as it highlights the financial education you will receive.


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