May 08

Home Business Success Qualities – Begin With The End In Mind

In order to be a successful entrepreneur in your home business or your network marketing business, you must have what all successful networkers have in common… learning to enjoy developing home business success qualities, that will give you the capability for achieving greater success potential.

It is very easy to be motivated in the beginning, but as time passes on, your habits will make or break your business.

Continuing our series on the timeless principles outlined by Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, today we review Habit #2: Begin With The End In Mind, as it relates to Network Marketing.

Habit #2: Begin With The End In Mind

Stephen Covey says in his The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that the most important way to succeed in life is to begin with the end in mind. This becomes the Habit # 2 which is explained in detail in his bestseller book. The habit has been likened to be a magnetic force that brings the objective closer to the efforts that are put in. Needless to say, this is one of the most vital ingredients required in the success of a business.

The most important gift of being able to begin with the end in mind is that we are able to route our activities in a particular direction that is more dependent on our personal efforts than anything else. For that reason, it becomes more possible to accomplish these goals. The place of this in the network marketing world is incomparably significant.

The author states how mental creation of an objective is as important as its physical creation. When we think about what we will get at the end of the day, we are already much better placed to make it happen in a concrete manner. As things progress, we can change our actions so that the final product will turn out to suit our actions in a better manner. As a result, what we get eventually will be very close to the mental picture we had created for our objective.

Home Business Building Habits includes setting goals and in network marketing, if you make a mental picture of having 500 new contacts within 60 days, you already know what you are striving for. You will put your efforts in that direction. However, if you begin with a hazy thought, like having some new contacts at the end of month, your actions will be hazy too. Keeping a concrete idea in mind of what you want helps admirably in really accomplishing it.

So how do you go about the actual accomplishment of what you have visualized? For that you will need three important ingredients – leadership, management and productivity. Leadership here refers to personal leadership which is nothing but your own visualization of the concept. Management means how you put people and resources together to acquire what you want. Productivity is the actual activity that is involved.

Hence, the point of start should actually be the point of finish. You have to begin with the end. Call that your mission statement or credo or philosophy or whatever; it is your mental picture that you have to strive to accomplish. This actually gives the stability to the efforts you are putting in and leads you in the right direction of achieving your desired goal.

Applying Habit #2 In Network Marketing

As a network marketer, what are you looking at gaining? What are your limits? How far do you wish to go? Do you have a specific target? When you have the answers to such specific questions in mind, i.e. when you have the end in mind, you will be able to move toward that position in a more focused manner.

I will help you to develop home business success qualities when you join my downline in one or more opportunities.

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