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FREEMART Nano Crystalline Silver

FREEMART Nano Crystalline Silver
FREEMART Nano Crystalline Silver
Silver has a long tradition of being Nature’s Antibiotic. Free-Mart Crystalline Silver is unlike any other silver solution.

Silver has a long tradition of being Nature’s Antibiotic. Unlike patent drugs, disease causing microbes cannot develop an immunity to Silver, which is known to kill all viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold and fungus, 100% of the time.

However, not all silver products are created equally and Free-Mart is in a class all by itself!

You are no doubt aware of the terms colloidal and nano minerals. Colloids and nanos are measurements in size. A colloid is large enough to see with the naked eye.

If you were to shine a laser through a vessel containing a colloidal solution, you would see thousands of tiny beads floating in the liquid. Comparing a colloid to a human cell would be like comparing an elephant to a human.

One person could never eat an elephant, but it you cut the elephant up into bite-sized pieces, several thousand people could satisfy their hunger.

Similarly, if you broke one colloid down into small enough pieces, it could potentially kill bacteria inside of millions of cells.

It is not the size of the silver particle that determines the kill-rate of harmful microbes, it is dependent upon the distribution and number of particles in solution, which determines the frequency in which microbes will come into contact with a silver particle and be killed.

Although colloids are far too large to get into the cell, they can get into the bloodstream and kill microbes that may happen to brush against them there.

So, if we liken our blood vessels to rivers, and we liken disease causing microbes to alligators swimming in the river, and we liken colloids of silver to random basketballs floating down the river, we could expect at best, a random kill rate of the alligators.

If on the other hand we could break each basketball down into millions of microscopic particles and disperse them evenly throughout the water, it is easy to see that the kill rate would be millions of times greater.

I think everyone agrees that when dealing with infections such as strep throat or pink eye, that you don’t want to wait for days to get on top of the infection. You want results and you want them fast, even if it cost a few pennies more!

Another disadvantage with colloids is the fact that they are large enough to get lodged inside of the body and never get out.

If enough colloidal sliver is ingested, it will permanently turn your skin blue in color.

Nanos are much smaller than the human cell and are therefore small enough to get inside of the cell, allowing the silver to kill disease-causing microbes at the cellular level.

However, if the silver particle is small enough to get into the cell and if it is positively charged (which all metallic silver is) it will be repelled by the gatekeeper (aquaporin) of the cell, which is positively charged so as to repel positively charged (poison) elements and keep them from entering the cell.

Colloidal silver is always “metallic” in structure, which is potentially toxic to the human body. Nano sized silver particles can either be metallic or non-metallic in structure and “metallic” nano sized silver can be equally toxic to the body as colloidal, when taking too much.

FREE-MART Nano Crystalline Silver is non-metallic.

The silver particles in our silver solution are in a crystalline form. These are sometimes referred to as mineral salts. Mineral salts are the purest form of minerals and they are the safest form for human consumption.

They also assimilate faster than any other form of mineral. You can therefore expect fast results when you start taking a mineral in this form that you have been lacking.

Positive and Negative Polarity

Poison comes from the same root word. Anything that has a positive charge is poisonous to the human body. The cell opening that allows food and water to enter the cell is called the Aquaporin. This opening is positively charged and its purpose is to repel positively charged particles away from the cell opening in order to prevent poisons from entering therein.

Understanding this fact, many scientists have attempted to create a silver solution that is negatively charged and only one so far has been successful. That is the inventor of the Free-Mart Crystalline Silver.

Each Crystalline Silver particle found in our silver solution is bound to a Hydrogen Ion, which has a negative electrical charge. Therefore when it is presented at the cell opening it is virtually sucked inside of the cell similar to the opposite poles of a magnet.

This fact alone sets FREE-MART Crystalline Silver apart from all other silver solutions and puts it in a class alone by itself.

What is Ionic?

The word ionic indicates that a given mineral solution was made using electricity to dissolve or separate the mineral particles using a process known as ionization. FREE-MART Crystalline Silver is ionic, although it is manufactured in a much different way than other ionic solutions, making it totally unique from all other silver products whether they are ionic or not.

Concentration of Silver Particles

Silver solutions are typically measured in parts per million (PPM) using a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Meter. What only a few people understand is the fact that a TDS Meter obtains its reading based upon the “impurities” in the silver.

Free-Mart Crystalline Silver is so pure (99.999999+) that it does not test accurately with a cheap TDS meter. You need an expensive Spectrograph that costs $1,000 plus in order to get an accurate reading.

This machine actually reads conductivity and converts the reading to TDS or PPM.

Perhaps the most popular concentration for silver solutions is 10 PPM. Some people have said that you should never go above this concentration. That is probably true because even too much nano sized “metallic” silver can turn your skin blue. However, even at this extremely low dilution (10 PPM), you may see benefits, although the kill-rate of disease-causing microbes with Free-Mart Crystalline Silver would easily be 200 times greater against bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold, fungus and some parasites, including the parasite that causes Malaria.

The question is, would you rather see results almost immediately or have to wait for 2-3 days?

Cost vs. Value

At 2,000 TDS, one bottle of Crystalline Silver would be equivalent to 200 bottles of another brand of silver at 10 TDS dilution.

Here is an exact comparison with one of the best silver products available. There is one other mlm company that sells a form of our silver solution. Free-Mart Crystalline Silver has a concentration of 2000 TDS and our competitor has watered their's down to a 25 TDS dilution, which they sell for $25.

In other words you are paying $1 per 1 TDS. If we were to sell our Crystalline Silver for $1 per TDS, it would cost you $2,000 for one bottle of our silver. You would still be getting the same amount of silver in one just one of our bottles!

Or we could do the same as our competitor, dilute our silver to 25 TDS and sell you 80 bottles for $2,000 ($25 each) and make a lot more money, but our goal at Free-Mart is to give you the highest quality products that we can deliver, at fair and reasonable prices.

When purchasing a silver product for your own use, please understand that you are paying for the concentration of the silver in the bottle, not the water. Free-Mart is paying exactly 20x the price for one bottle of our 2000 TDS silver that our competitor is paying for one bottle of their 25 TDS silver.

Instead of watering down our silver and shipping you 80 bottles of water at $25 each, we have chosen to give you our superior grade of silver for only $48 retail price!

In the end, we think that you will appreciate knowing the difference between the many silver products you could choose from. Not only do you want the best value, but when it comes to knocking out a virus or bacterial infection quickly, you want fast results!

FREE-MART Crystalline Silver is in our humble opinion not only the “best” silver product that money can buy, but it is safe for even the youngest and the sickest of people. It is so pure that you could drink a whole bottle without it hurting you.

Crystalline Silver may be your best choice for preventing or stopping the spread of dangerous microorganisms.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, Free-Mart Crystalline Silver should be your choice when choosing a Silver Solution.

For maintenance, take 1-2 caps-full of Crystalline Silver 2-3 times weekly.

For therapeutic dose, take 1-3 caps-full 3x daily directly in the mouth or apply topically as often as needed for cuts, burns, abrasions or for any skin eruptions.


Free-Mart Silver is Great and Works F-A-S-T! This is why I am giving it 5 Stars. No comparison to the other silvers on the market that I have tried in the past. Free-Mart Silver will always be a Great Addition to my Medicine Cabinet and one that I never will ever want to be without and always have on hand. Thank You Free-Mart for another Great Product! – AL Huisman – Indiana.


I had a crown come off and my Dentist prescribed an antibiotic because the tooth was abscessed. He then advised me to have a root canal at a cost of $4000, but with no insurance I elected to think about it awhile.

After 4 weeks the abscess started getting worse. I ordered some Free-Mart Silver and when it arrived, I started taking two capfuls 3 X day – holding in my mouth at least 10 minutes before swallowing. After just 3 days I could tell it was getting better and all pain was gone in 8 days! It has been 7 weeks now and no problems at all and I never filled the prescription for antibiotic. Great Product!

I have another positive result from Free-Mart Silver. For several months I have felt like I have something in my eyes. I kept washing them out in the shower and was using eye drops. After about 4 months, I decided to see an Ophthalmologist. He did a thorough exam, but could not find anything other than some slight cataracts. He prescribed eye drops. Again, I did not purchase eye drops, but instead applied two drops of Silver in each eye and 3 days later reapplied. It has been 3 weeks now and realized that my eyes have not been bothering me at all. I can even see better! Wow! I can’t do without my Silver! Amazing Stuff! – Don Chadwick – Tennessee

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