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FREE-MART Happy Water – Nano Cellular Hydration Solution

FREE-MART Happy Water – Nano Cellular Hydration Solution
FREE-MART Happy Water – Nano Cellular Hydration Solution
Good health begins with hydration! When a baby is born, cell hydration is at 100%, causing the cell to appear like a plump, freshly picked grape.

By the time a person reaches retirement age, it is common for cell hydration to be as low as 15%, which in comparison is like a grape that is dehydrated until it becomes a raisin. This is what causes the skin to wrinkle as we age.

Death is caused by dehydration, so if you want to extend your lifespan to its fullest potential, hydration of the cells should be a major concern.

The primary benefit of Free-Mart’s amazing water is its ability to promote an exceptional level of intracellular hydration. The water’s smaller particle size allows it to more readily enter and exit the cells, hydrating the system in an optimal way! In doing so, it does a superior job of transporting nutrients into the cells and expelling metabolic waste and harmful materials out of the cells.

In addition to its ability to help maintain optimum hydration of the cells, Free-Mart Water contains a multitude of other health benefits due to many other positive properties that are energetically embedded into the water via laser.

As the body’s cells become more hydrated, the body starts moving toward a proper alkaline pH balance. In an acidic state, the body is a perfect medium for attracting and growing bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites and other types of acid based pathogens. When the body is in a proper alkaline pH balanced state, it is more likely to maintain a state of homeostasis and resist illness of any kind. Free-Mart Water the healthiest, most hydrating water known to man.

A small amount of Free-Mart Water is added to a quality base water, so one bottle goes a long way. It takes only 1 tablespoon of the concentrate added to one gallon of a good quality base water to create the water that is then consumed. It is important to note that there is no specific “feeling” that is associated with drinking the water or with being hydrated. It is important however to start on the water slowly, because proper hydration increases the body’s ability to remove metabolic waste from the cells, which can cause symptoms that could potentially be uncomfortable. On the other hand, if one is in relatively good health, one might feel nothing at all. Neither should you expect the result of having consumed an energy drink! There is absolutely no chemical additive in this water. In addition to consuming the water internally, there are other benefits that may be realized from applying the water externally. Some of the possible benefits are described below.

Possible Benefits When Using Free-Mart Water

Spritz it on the skin after a shower or bath
Use the concentrate as eye drops to hydrate and bathe the eyes
Spritz on the skin in cases of itching
Spritz on minor to major burns (keep spritzing it on several times)
Spritz on skin in case of sunburn (burns dehydrate the cells)
Add it to other great products to get more use of them
Spritzing on moles may help diminish them
Some people spritz it in their eyes, ears and nose daily
Some have experienced relief when applying it on hemorrhoids
Some like to soak their feet in it for therapeutic and purification benefits
Some use it on a bruises, scrapes, cuts or burns

Positive Effects of Hydration

Better removal of pollutants from cells
More efficient removal of free radicals from the body
Creates ideal homeostatic environment for normalizing red blood cells & platelet actions
Facilitates distribution of minerals to body tissues with maximum tissue absorption
Transports oxygen to the cells & helps regulate body temperature &
May help body’s pH move toward a more alkaline state
Accelerates the body’s movement back to a normal state of function

Negative Effects of Dehydration

A major factor of aging
Dehydration of the brain may result in headaches
Promotes increased acidity which may lead to dis-eases
Sluggish, mental function which may interfere with daily living
May play a role in elevated blood pressure

Specific Directions for Using Free-Mart Water

Add 1 Tablespoon (1/2 oz) of Free-Mart Water to one glass gallon jug of the base water you are using. The base water should be your best purified or filtered water. The pH of the mixture will be determined by the pH of the base water you use. Wait 5 minutes before consuming. Use your intuition, but here is a suggested “Ramp Up Schedule” to acclimate your body to the energy in the water:

Weeks 1 & 2: 2 oz twice daily = 4 oz Weeks 3 & 4: 4 oz twice daily = 8 oz
Weeks 5 & 6: 6 oz twice daily =12 oz Weeks 7 & 8: 8 oz twice daily = 16 oz
Weeks 9 & 10:10 oz twice daily= 20 oz Weeks 11 & 12 : 12 oz twice daily= 24 oz

24 oz to 32+ oz is recommended for daily maintenance following the ramp-up; more if you are working outside in a hot region of the country. You Decide. While you are ramping up, you may drink more if you feel that your body is handling the ramp-up without any reactions. If your body starts a cleansing reaction and you feel somewhat run down, just reduce the number of ounces taken to what it was before the reaction.

After Ramp Up: upon rising, drink 12 oz of the Free-Mart Water to hydrate your colon & brain. Later in the day drink another 12 oz (or schedule 6 oz & 6 oz later in the day). The body can handle 12 oz of water at a time. More than that is just eliminated through the kidneys.

It is fine to boil the Free-Mart Water to make an herb tea or coffee. It can also be frozen into ice cubes for herbal teas or specialty beverages. These would be in addition to your daily water maintenance. Once you add something else to water, it is no longer water – it is an extra beverage.

What You Need

One gallon glass bottle
Good quality water as the base water

1) Spring or filtered water
2) Reverse osmosis (RO) water (may add a few drops of liquid minerals)

Avoid other waters, especially tap and distilled water as they will cause the Free-Mart Water to deteriorate.
Bottle of Free-Mart Water
Drinking glass
Pour spring water into the 1 gallon glass container
Pour 1 Tablespoon of Free-Mart Water concentrate into the 1 gallon glass container
You now have the mixed water
Secure the cover of the squirt top back on Free-Mart Water bottle
Secure the glass gallon jug shut
Gently shake the mixed water in the glass gallon jug once and wait 5 minutes for the Free-Mart Water to reprogram the spring water.

Taking the Mixed Free-Mart Water First Thing in the Morning

Upon retiring for the day, pour your mixed water into a drinking glass; leave by your bed
Upon awakening drink the mixed water by your bed
Do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes afterwards
Go and enjoy your day


DO NOT TAKE WITH PHARMACEUTICALS / MEDS! Use regular water to take prescriptions, not this special water. This water will enhance whatever you put with it so THINK about what you are doing. This is a very special water – treat it as such!

Many people will feel nothing and experience no obvious cleansing effects
Patience is required! Intracellular hydration is beginning to progress while you are ramping up to the 24 ounces daily. People living in warmer climates may require more than 24 ounces daily.

Some May Experience Cleansing Effects Such As

Needing to go to the bath room more often
Tonsils or lymph node tenderness
Feeling like you are fighting a cold
Sneezing / coughing for a couple of days
Blemishes or rashes on the skin
The taste of chemicals that have entered & remained within the cells (example: chemo, paints, lead, printing chemicals, pharmaceutical by-products, agent orange or other substances).
Many will immediately feel like they have dry-mouth right after drinking the mixed water. This is because the cells are quenching their need for hydration and are immediately soaking up the mixed water. This is a very normal & good response. Therefore, continue with the ramp up schedule.

Remember: Do not use the Free-Mart Water, concentrate or diluted, to consume pharmaceuticals because this is a cell delivery system. You do not want to over medicate yourself!

If You Begin to Experience Cleansing Effects

Revert back to the amount of water you were taking prior for another 2 weeks
After 2 weeks, attempt the increase again; if no cleansing effects, continue until you are ready to increase once more.
If cleansing effects happen, revert back for another 2 weeks.

Nothing reported in this document should be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. This document is for educational & informational purposes only. It is not
a substitute for the medical advice from your doctor or other health care professional.

Free-Mart produces one of the purest waters on the market. It’s oxygen-rich, energized water is 99.9% free of sodium, chemicals, chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. The water goes through 4 stages of purification which includes micron filtration, activated carbon, reverse osmosis and ozonation. The additional infusion of Free-Mart Water with proprietary laser-enhanced technology makes Free-Mart Water the healthiest, most hydrating water known to exist & comes with a metered pH of 7.2

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